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Englefeld History

History bookEnglefeld's history from 1903 to 1987 is published. Books are available for purchase through the town office, phone (306) 287 3151, or click here to send an emailDOT

Click here or on the book to read it online.
To search the book, go to page 1 (not the indexes or content pages), type your key word into the search box and click GO. A list of pages comes up where that word was found. Click on any one to go to that page.

Church history DVD
New (2011): Watch an 8 minute video on Englefeld revealing some of its history.

The 100 year history of Englefeld's Holy Guardian Angels Parish has been compiled in booklet form (text only) and as a narrated movie on DVD. Both are available for purchase by contacting Manny Lefebvre by phone at (306) 287 4377 or click here to send an emailDOT .

Click the DVD label to see some of the pictures of the old churches that are on the DVD.

Englefeld History 1955

Click here to see some early pictures of Englefeld found on the Prairie Towns website.

A narrated movie of Englefeld's history from 1903 to 2005 is now available. It takes you through the changes that have occured in Englefeld through the years in chronological order.  This DVD or the church history DVD are available for $10.00 each. Please add $5.00 if you want it (them) mailed to you. Both are available by contacting Manny Lefebvre (see above).

Special thanks to all those who contributed information, pictures or video footage to this project.

 To celebrate Saskatchewan's 50 years, in 1955 the school students interviewed some of the Englefeld pioneers and "old folks".
  The information was compiled into a booklet which availalbe to read at the Englefeld Library.
  You can also click here or on the picture to read it online.

View a list of the mayors and councillors who have served on our village council.

Ever wonder about the spelling of Englefeld? Check out the letter that Ed Wacholtz received in 1987.